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Confident Girl

21 Nov

The prompt for today is: “Describe an outfit that makes you feel good. (It can be from any period of your life.) Double points if you post a picture of yourself in the outfit.”

In high school I really wanted to be on the short flags team. I tried out to be on the team freshman year and didn’t make so I tried out again the following year and made the team. It’s just the kind of person I am–I never give up on my goals! Even though I felt awkward and ugly during those years I always felt my best on game day Fridays when I wore my uniform.

That uniform meant so much to me. I really earned it, like honestly truly earned the money for it myself. Not only did I not make the team the first time I tried out but when I finally did make the team I then had to figure out how to pay for the very expensive equipment needed to be on the team. Making the team was just the first hurdle.

I needed to buy a uniform that included a skirt, top, long sleeve under shirt, bloomers and special Nike shoes. I also needed a warm up suit consisting of custom pants and jacket. On top of that I needed to buy the duffel bag, also with custom embroidery, to store all my things in. We can’t forget the flags. I needed to purchases two flag poles from a specific vendor along with two sets of flags–one for practice and one for performance.

Then there were the extras like summer camp, matching customized team outfits to wear at camp, hair bows, foam curlers, blue eyeshadow and competition fees. Then once I was on the team for a year I earned a varsity letter. So of course I needed to get the Letterman jacket. I shouldn’t forget to mention the design of our uniform AND performance flags changed each year I was on the team.

Monique Gonzalez Abrahamsen ACHS Short Flags

My first year on the team my mom and biological father helped me but we struggled a lot financially and my mom couldn’t pay everything on time. My uniform was taken away from me until we could pay it off. My coach loaned me the money for my warm ups and I eventually paid her back. We did have some fundraisers to help defray some of the costs but still, a huge chunk of the financial responsibility fell on me.

I took a summer job at McDonald’s when I was 14 then quit when school started. I then worked at Taco Bell the following year and finally at the Gap Outlet. I did this to earn the money needed to stay on the team.

You can bet after all that hard work I felt proud and confident while donning that uniform. When I wore it I felt so good about myself. No one could judge my clothes–only a select few girls wore the same uniform as me. We were part of something special. I practiced with the team and made time to practice in my backyard almost everyday to ensure I would perform the routines perfectly with the rest of the team.

That uniform even FELT good! The material was flexible, made for twisting, turning and sweating. Putting on the uniform was like putting on a costume. I was incredibly shy but when I had my uniform on and we stepped out onto the performance stage (whether it be football field, basketball court or competition stage) I suddenly turned into this happy, smiling, bouncing, talented, and CONFIDENT girl. It was the only time I didn’t mind crowds of people looking at me.

Go ahead! Look!  I earned this! I worked hard, practiced hard and I feel great!

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Blog Post I Didn’t Publish

18 Nov

Tell us about a blog post that you didn’t publish.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever started a blog post and then didn’t hit publish. I usually spend a lot of time thinking about what I want to write before sitting down to write. I also read, reread, and reread it again to proofread and edit my posts. Sometimes I remove a sentence or two or even entire paragraphs. Sometimes I rewrite things to make better sense.

There are ideas that I’ve never written down. I’m hoping that over time I’ll be able to open up a bit more. I just need to get my ideas on paper first so I can figure out how to express certain things while remaining safe. I completely understand that once something is on the internet–it’s up forever. I never want to post something I’ll one day regret.

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Bad Habits

15 Nov

If you could quit one bad habit instantly without difficulty, which would it be?

No human is absolutely perfect, we all have bad habits we’d like to break. A bad habit I would like to break is touching my hair. It’s a weird thing that I do subconsciously and I’m not completely sure when it manifested.

Sometimes I catch myself at my desk twisting a piece of hair from the back of my head. Or my bangs. Tugging the strands, sliding my fingers through. Finding odd bits that are textured instead of smooth. Then I realize what I’m doing and try to occupy my right hand in a different way.

When I’m vegging out in front of the TV, or reading a book or even driving alone I find myself doing this. It’s so weird! I think I do it out of boredom or to occupy my hands, a strange way of fidgeting. Sometimes I run my fingers through my bangs when I’m trying to fall asleep. If I wear my hair tied up in a bun or pony tail I rarely touch my hair. If I wear it down it’s a sure thing that I’ll catch myself in the act.

I would like to break this habit because for one I think it’s strange. Second, I think if someone walked past me and caught a view of me twisting my hair they might get the wrong impression that I’m a ditz. Another reason to stop this odd habit is I don’t think it’s very good for my hair. My hair is think and healthy but I’m sure constant touching, twisting and tugging is not helpful. So if I woke up tomorrow and simply just didn’t touch my hair like that anymore, without any difficulty, that would be amazing.

Ok there–I confessed something odd and personal! Do you have a bad or strange habit you’d like to break?

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Night Owl

14 Nov

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

If you read my post from yesterday then you already know the answer to this–I’m a night owl! I often find myself staying up late with ideas and thoughts whirling around in my head. I feel so productive at night! Being a night owl doesn’t mean I like going out to be with people. No, it means my mind is active and I’m ready to create.

I found it to be extremely difficult when I worked at offices with a strict start time. Especially when I needed to come in extra early to complete my work hours to fulfill the eight hour day requirement and then jet off to school. Now I come in to work at a more “reasonable” time for a night owl like myself. I’m still not fully “on” right away. Usually after noon I am the most creative and productive when it comes to generating content/copy.




12 Nov

The prompt for today is: Name five things inside your refrigerator right now and how you feel about them.

Since we recently moved into a home where my sister, sister-in-law and nephew live we decided to get a mini fridge for our area of the house. We do keep groceries in the main fridge but for smaller things like beverages and snacks we keep them in our fridge just for easy access.

1. Bottled water – how do I feel about that? I feel like…sometimes we get thirsty or have friends over and want to offer a drink without having to run downstairs for water.

2. Almond milk – I feel that almond milk is a great addition to my morning cereal. It tastes good, does not contain ch0lesteral and is full of protein.

3. Apple juice – I feel like sometimes we don’t want to just drink water so we picked up some apple juice…no real strong feelings about apple juice…

4. Greek Yogurt – I started eating Greek yogurt this year and like mixing granola in it for breakfast or snack sometimes.

5. Bananas – These are awesome snacks and great to eat for breakfast before we head out on our commute.

Want to know how I really feel? I feel like this was a silly prompt. I don’t have particularly strong feelings about what lives in my fridge. I guess other people might “feel” a certain way about food but the only way I feel about it is that it’s awesome, provides fuel for my body and nutrients. Kind of need it to live. So yeah…

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