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When Has Shouting at a Woman From a Car Ever Worked?

25 Mar

When is the last time a man successfully lured a woman over to his car by whistling or shouting? I recently shared this image I found on Facebook via the Everyday Feminism page and it reminded me that I wanted to cover this topic here on the blog. I can remember being cat called as early as age 12 — while walking across the street with my mother and younger sister. The person was either targeting my mom, me or all three of us. Disturbing.

Honestly, I don’t think the men who do this are extending a marriage proposal as the above ecard states, but they are trying to get a woman to go to them, right? I find cat calling to be insulting, humiliating and awkward. It feels like someone is randomly publicly slapping you in the face. That’s what it feels like to me. It’s disruptive.

I experienced being shouted at, whistled at, barked at — yes a grown man barked (woof, woof) at me when I was a teenager walking home from school. When is the last time a woman merrily skipped over to someone’s car after being barked at?

Once a white-haired old man slowly crept alongside me trying to lure me into his car as I walked to school for short flags practice. He could have been my grandpa. Disgusting.

More times than I can count, I endured cat calling as I innocently made my way to school each morning and then repeated the trek after school to go home. I’m not walking down the street for your pleasure and enjoyment. Leave me alone. I just need to get to school.

Even if my celebrity crush yowled at me from his car, I would still feel insulted. If you think I’m attractive and want my attention do it in normal gentleman-like way. The men that participate in this could be doing it as a joke, thinking it’s funny. Or they could seriously think they’ll attract a woman to sleep with them that way. I have no idea. Either way, it needs to stop. STOP.

I am a human. Women are people too. We are not here for you to throw degrading shouts, barks, and whistles toward. My existence is not a game.

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Wedding Photos

7 Oct

I’m excited to finally share some of our wedding pictures here on the blog! I still plan on sharing a few more wedding crafts, those posts are in the works.

Our wedding was on August 4 at the Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet Center – Buenaventura Golf Club. Our fabulous photographer, David Brand, and his assistant took lots of beautiful and fun photos that really captured the wonderful moments of the day. If you are in Southern California looking for a wedding photographer I definitely recommend David. Please visit his website here and his Facebook page here. He gives great direction, has an eye for capturing candid moments and is very patient and kind. He also took our engagement photos. He’s an excellent event and commercial photographer.

So here are just a few of our wedding photos by David Brand for your enjoyment!

My two best friends helping me into my dress.

My two best friends helping me into my dress.

Dress detail. Absolutely love my wedding dress. It was inexpensive and gorgeous. I felt beautiful and elegant!

Dress detail. Absolutely love my wedding dress. It was inexpensive and gorgeous. I felt beautiful and elegant!

Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!

Absolutely elated!

Absolutely elated!

I love this candid photo of us all just laughing and giving genuine smiles. I also love the bridesmaid dresses. They are so sleek and elegant looking. The dresses are from the David's Bridal Vera Wang Spring 2013 collection.

I love this candid photo of us all just laughing and giving genuine smiles. I also love the bridesmaid dresses. They are so sleek and elegant looking. The dresses are from the David’s Bridal Vera Wang Spring 2013 collection.

My brothers are on the left, they walked me down the aisle. The groomsmen got their tuxes from Men's Wearhouse.

My brothers are on the left, they walked me down the aisle. The groomsmen got their tuxes from Men’s Wearhouse.

It was such a happy day. Looking at these photos just brings back all those happy wonderful feelings of joy!

It was such a happy day. Looking at these photos just brings back all those happy wonderful feelings of joy!

Our Happily Ever After.

Our Happily Ever After.

Wedding photography is definitely something you should not skimp on. I recommend booking an engagement shoot to get to know each other. You spend a lot of time with the photographer and you really need to be able to have a friendly communicative relationship. For those married folks out there, did you have a professional photographer? How about a videographer? We went without a videographer, luckily my father-in-law recorded the ceremony so we will always have that to look back on. Our photographer took tons of photos, 800+ so I feel like the days events were sufficiently captured.

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This Is Not A Drill

25 Jun

My dog started barking. I heard a commotion outside. What’s that smell?

I sat up. Rushed down the stairs. Is that the sound of glass breaking? What is that smell? Burned plastic?

I looked through the peep hole. Beeping sounds. I peered through the blinds. Orange flashes of light.

“Fire! Fire!” a man shouted from outside.

“Kyle get up! Get up! Get the cat! Get me a bra! The apartment is on fire!”

I slipped on my sneakers and harnessed my dog. I pulled the kennel out from the closet. The heavy bottle of bleach almost fell.

He tossed a sports bra down and I did the quickest change ever.

“Your shoes are down here, hurry!”

He put the cat in the kennel. Leashed our other dog.

“My phone!”

“It’s upstairs”

I ran up, pulled my phone out from under the pillow. For some reason, I turned off the fan. Ran back downstairs. Grabbed my purse.

Opened the door, hefted the kennel.

A bright wall of flames menacingly licked the second floor. Neighbors fled their apartments, kennels and leashes in tow.

We made it to the front of the apartment complex. A fire truck with blaring lights. Firemen moving fast.


Neighbors in their pajamas just as stunned and startled. Forming circles and speculating.

“It was me, it’s my apartment…” the woman in a yellow nightie guiltily trailed off.

fireMore fire trucks arrived. Curious onlookers from across the street looked out their windows and stood on their balconies.

“Kyle, do you remember, when we first starting dating, what I said one of my greatest fears was?”

He laughs. “For a fire to start and be without a bra in front of all the neighbors and firemen.”

“Thanks for throwing down the hardest bra to put on.” I hugged him and took deep breaths until my legs stopped involuntarily shaking.

Then our dogs pooped on the grass.

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P.S. No one was hurt, our apartment is okay, we are okay. I believe the only apartments damaged were the woman’s apartment, the one directly above and some slight damage to the one on the left, plus a window cracked on the one to the right upstairs.ย  There is still a pile of charred apartment innards in the courtyard and the burned apartment is boarded up. I still need to inquire about the cause.

Rainbow St. Patricks Day 1st Birthday Party

2 Apr

We celebrated my niece’s first birthday last month with a Rainbow/St. Patrick’s Day theme. Her birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day and my sister and brother-in-law threw a spectacular bash with lots of activities for the kiddos and plenty of food and drink for the grown-ups.

Party games for the kids included:

Pin the clover on the Leprechaun – A magnetic leprechaun set assembled on the fridge and kids tried to get the clover onto his hat, while blindfolded of course! The kid who got it the closest won a prize.

Clover Walk – Just like a Cake Walk, kids walked around a circle of numbered four leaf clover cut outs and when the music stopped, they stopped. We drew a number at random and the lucky kid standing on that number won a prize.

Find the Leprechaun’s Gold – We hid plastic eggs (d0n’t judge–it’s convenient!) around the yard and one contained a piece of the Leprechaun’s gold. The other eggs contained candy. The kid who found the gold won a prize!

A jolly jump and pinata were also part of the fun! Now on to some pictures, I didn’t take many because I spent my time socializing, keeping an eye on my nephew and helping out with the games–anyway here they are:

Decorating Cupcakes

The night before we prepared by baking cupcakes. For the rainbows my sister bought rainbow sour belts that we cut to size and placed over white frosted funfetti cupcakes in an arch shape.

Rainbow Cupcakes and Pots of Gold

This is the final result of the rainbow cupcakes! We also prepared the leprechaun pots of gold the night before. We filled them with colorful jelly beans and golden nuggets.

Rainbow Cake Table

The cake table held cupcakes, leprechaun pots of gold and cake. My sister chose plates, cups, tablecloths, and balloons in a rainbow of colors to match the theme. She also set up a party favor table with assorted St. Patrick’s Day accessories like green bead necklaces, Irish themed pins, clover sunglasses and green hats. The children also received favor bags sealed with a four leaf clover.

Cute Girl St Patricks Day Birthday Outfits

The birthday girl in her outfits for the day. A big pink fluffy dress of course! Then as the day wound down she switched into a St. Patrick’s Day outfit.

Birthday Party Success

The next day my sister sent this photo of my niece thoroughly enjoying her Little Tikes Pillow Racer unicorn. I’d say from this photo, the party was a total win!

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Home Alone

22 Mar

The prompt for today is “What do you do when you’re home all alone?” — Honestly I don’t think I really do anything incredibly different than when Kyle is home. I guess this would be different if I had kids and I only occasionally had “me” time. However, for now we’re kid-free and live a pretty relaxed lifestyle.

The only thing I might do differently is play music I specifically like very loudly and sing along. I’m pretty much completely myself when Kyle is home. I break out into silly made up songs, talk in funny voices, have conversations with our pets, sing to my music, make up silly dances…all the stuff I do when I’m comfortable!

Sorry for a short post again but, I really don’t have anything interesting to say on this topic!

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