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First Friend

20 Nov

Tell us about your first friend.

My very first friends where my sisters. Some people may not count siblings as friends but I truly feel like we formed a strong bond beyond what most siblings experience. We did all kinds of fun stuff together that friends would normally do together. Growing up with a sister only one year and a half younger and another sister five years older made for some interesting experiences. Marina, the eldest sister, used her five years extra to her advantage to lead and orchestrate shenanigans. Jessica, my younger sister, was close enough in age to me that we could spend hours playing together and yet I could still take on “big sister” roles like reading her bedtime stories.

My first sleepover was with my sisters. Sure, we shared rooms but we also liked to use our imagination and create our own kind of sleepover experience. Jessica and I shared a room and Marina had her own room so sometimes we would gather our blankets and pillows and set up in the living room. Marina would tell us scary stories and goofy stories until we fell asleep.

Myself, Jessica and Marina when we were kids.

Myself, Jessica and Marina when we were kids.

When Marina did have to give up her room for a short period of time and bunk up with us (literally though-we had a bunk bed!) we spent our nights giggling as she kept us entertained with her vast knowledge of the world–because she is our big sis and knows more stuff! Our mom would walk by the door and say “I don’t want to hear another peep!” and that would lead to a few minutes of silence until we were back at it.

I always knew my sisters were my friends because they were always honest with me. Sure, there were rough patches of fighting and arguing and not understanding each other. We got through it though and all of those conflicts only made our bond stronger. We can always tell each other the truth, even if it takes some time. We seek each other out in a crowded room. We have inside jokes carried on and made better with time.

My sisters were my first friends, and they’ll always be my friends.

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