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Project Life + New Video

11 Mar

Last week was super busy for me and this week is just as busy. I didn’t update the blog last week but I don’t want to fall into the procrastination cycle so I’m setting aside time right now to just give a quick update! Work is busy and I was handed some copy writing and SEO writing assignments, along with my usual tasks I perform each week. My side copy writing gig is also gearing up with some extra unexpected work. I’m not complaining though, I like to stay busy and I like what I do. Getting paid to write is a dream come true!

Aside from all the work, I started a Project Life photo album. I first learned about Project Life from following blogger Kelly from Brownies and Zucchini. She is in her second year of Project Life and updates her blog regularly with her album pages. I went to Michael’s to pick up some photo albums for my wedding pictures (finally got them printed) and they were having a buy 1 get 1 free sale. That’s when I noticed the Project Life albums and remembered the Brownies and Zucchini blog posts about them. So I went home and did some research. Over the weekend I went back with a 40% off coupon in hand and got my first kit.

Project Life First Timer Monique Is Blog moisblog

I purchased 2 albums with the buy 1 get 1 free sale, a pack of photo pocket pages,  Project Life core kit Honey Edition, and a mini kit Holiday Edition. Project Life is a super simple way of scrap-booking your life. Some people document each week, the way Brownies and Zucchini does and others update it whenever. I’m choosing to update it casually and hope to fill up the album by the end of the year. There is not cutting, pasting, stickers, or any super creative genius required. You put the cards in the pocket pages and then your pictures. Use the journaling cards to add some written details. And you’re done!

Some people do choose to add extra embellishments and it looks great, but it’s just not for me. I tried scrap-booking once and it took me about two years to get around to completing the scrapbook. I never want to do that again! Now I have a simple and beautiful way to document our year instead of letting the photos just sit on my iphone and computer.

Project Life Monique Is Blog moisblog

I started my Project Life album with a layout depicting our trip to Las Vegas back in January. Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…so I don’t have any photos of the trip. Luckily a friend snapped a couple non-incriminating or embarrassing shots of the group and I used those in my album. 😉

Next, I created my THIRD YouTube video and it’s up on my channel! This one is a Mary Kay Haul and Review. I placed a large order with my friend who is a Mary Kay Consultant and decided to share it on my channel. I’ve seen other beauty and lifestyle YouTubers out there do this type of video so I gave it a shot. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below! I post new videos every Sunday so please subscribe to get an alert when a new video is posted.

That’s it for now, take care!

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Holiday Nails

5 Dec

I love painting my nails. I may not be very good at it but it’s something I enjoy doing. Kind of like snowboarding, I’m not good at it but I like the activity anway! I like how painted nails look, even when I get nail polish all over the place.

Since it’s December and officially Christmas time I decided to go for a festive holiday design. I used Avon Nail Art Design Strips in Candy Cane. Like I said before I’m not very good with nails–I realize there are ragged edges and it’s a bit sloppy. From a distance it looks cute! For the silver accent nail I used Julep Maven nail polish in Missy.

Monique Is Blog Holiday Nails

I like using nail decals because I can get a creative design on my nails without having to go through the process of failing miserably. Here’s another one I did for Halloween:

Monique Is Blog Halloween Nails


I used Julep Maven nail polish, the black is Cleopatra and the glitter on top is Beatrix. That silver nail is once again Missy. I seem to be favoring that one for an accent color! The spider designs are  Avon Nail Art Design Strips. If you’re curious about how to use the nail design strips, Avon created this handy infographic!

How to use Nail Design Strips

Do you have any hobbies you find fun but are not necessarily good at?

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*Disclaimer: I was not sent any product to review, I paid for them myself. I was not requested to review these products, I did this on my own just to share my hobby. The Julep Maven link is a referral, if you sign up I earn points. I am an Avon Independent Sales Rep though I am not actively pursuing sales. If you do click Avon you will be taken to my online store.

DIY: Galaxy Nail Trend

16 May

Galaxy Print is currently a trend I’ve spotted on Pinterest. People are putting this print on clothes, shoes, accessories and even on their finger nails! I decided to hop on the galaxy bandwagon and tried my hand at creating the print on my nails.

Galaxy Nails DIYI researched examples on Pinterest to get started. I noticed many used the sponging on method. I don’t have any cosmetic or painting sponges so I searched for an alternative way. I’ve seen people use the “Saran Wrap” method to create a swirled look and thought that technique might work for this. So I read up on how to do it and gathered my supplies!

What You Need:

Saran Wrap

Paper Plate


Black Nail Polish

Glittery Nail Polish

2-3 other Nail polish colors that seem “galaxy-ish” Your choice!

Base Coat

Clear Top Coat

Nail Polish colors for Galaxy Nails

First I cut up pieces of saran wrap, bunched them up and placed them on the paper plate. I knew once my nails were wet I wouldn’t want to risk smudging by messing with saran wrap.  Then I prepped my nails by filing them and applying a base coat, I used Avon Nail Experts Smooth Beginnings. Then I painted my nails with Avon Speed Dry in Rapid Black.

Black Nail Polish

This nail polish dries very quickly but just to be sure I waited a full five minutes before starting the saran wrap. To do the saran wrap method you first put some nail color on the paper plate, just a little bit. Then get your bunched up saran wrap and dip it in the nail polish. Blot it on the paper plate (you can see where I did) to remove excess. Then quickly dab your nail in the desired areas. You will need to reapply nail polish to the saran wrap to get color on each nail. Use a different saran wrap piece for each color.

Saran Wrap method

I began to layer on colors starting with the lightest and ending with my glitter color.

Avon Speed Dry in Prompt and Pearly

Avon Speed Dry in Prompt and Pearly

Black white and orange nail polish

Avon Speed Dry in On Point Blue

Avon Speed Dry in On Point Blue

Avon Nail Wear Pro in Grape Goddess

Avon Nail Wear Pro in Grape Goddess

I finished it off with a coat of Avon Speed Dry Top Coat. I’m very pleased with how it turned out and now I want to experiment with other color combos!

How do you feel about the galaxy print trend, into it or meh?

galaxy nails without flashgalaxy nails diy with flash




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Rainbow St. Patricks Day 1st Birthday Party

2 Apr

We celebrated my niece’s first birthday last month with a Rainbow/St. Patrick’s Day theme. Her birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day and my sister and brother-in-law threw a spectacular bash with lots of activities for the kiddos and plenty of food and drink for the grown-ups.

Party games for the kids included:

Pin the clover on the Leprechaun – A magnetic leprechaun set assembled on the fridge and kids tried to get the clover onto his hat, while blindfolded of course! The kid who got it the closest won a prize.

Clover Walk – Just like a Cake Walk, kids walked around a circle of numbered four leaf clover cut outs and when the music stopped, they stopped. We drew a number at random and the lucky kid standing on that number won a prize.

Find the Leprechaun’s Gold – We hid plastic eggs (d0n’t judge–it’s convenient!) around the yard and one contained a piece of the Leprechaun’s gold. The other eggs contained candy. The kid who found the gold won a prize!

A jolly jump and pinata were also part of the fun! Now on to some pictures, I didn’t take many because I spent my time socializing, keeping an eye on my nephew and helping out with the games–anyway here they are:

Decorating Cupcakes

The night before we prepared by baking cupcakes. For the rainbows my sister bought rainbow sour belts that we cut to size and placed over white frosted funfetti cupcakes in an arch shape.

Rainbow Cupcakes and Pots of Gold

This is the final result of the rainbow cupcakes! We also prepared the leprechaun pots of gold the night before. We filled them with colorful jelly beans and golden nuggets.

Rainbow Cake Table

The cake table held cupcakes, leprechaun pots of gold and cake. My sister chose plates, cups, tablecloths, and balloons in a rainbow of colors to match the theme. She also set up a party favor table with assorted St. Patrick’s Day accessories like green bead necklaces, Irish themed pins, clover sunglasses and green hats. The children also received favor bags sealed with a four leaf clover.

Cute Girl St Patricks Day Birthday Outfits

The birthday girl in her outfits for the day. A big pink fluffy dress of course! Then as the day wound down she switched into a St. Patrick’s Day outfit.

Birthday Party Success

The next day my sister sent this photo of my niece thoroughly enjoying her Little Tikes Pillow Racer unicorn. I’d say from this photo, the party was a total win!

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Steampunk Halloween Party

15 Oct

This past Saturday we went to a Steampunk Halloween Party that Misty, my old high school friend hosted. In fact she officially dubbed the party her Quarter Century Steampunk Halloween Extravaganza! There was so much attention to detail that went in to the planning of this event–from the details on the mailed invitation to the hand made decor and spookified treats. For those of you not familiar with what Steampunk is, the best way I can describe it is Victorian Era inspired fashion meets steam powered technology. So top hats, bustles, corsets with gears and exposed machinery.

Gears, gadgets and an electric wicked pond–oh my!

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