When Has Shouting at a Woman From a Car Ever Worked?

25 Mar

When is the last time a man successfully lured a woman over to his car by whistling or shouting? I recently shared this image I found on Facebook via the Everyday Feminism page and it reminded me that I wanted to cover this topic here on the blog. I can remember being cat called as early as age 12 — while walking across the street with my mother and younger sister. The person was either targeting my mom, me or all three of us. Disturbing.

Honestly, I don’t think the men who do this are extending a marriage proposal as the above ecard states, but they are trying to get a woman to go to them, right? I find cat calling to be insulting, humiliating and awkward. It feels like someone is randomly publicly slapping you in the face. That’s what it feels like to me. It’s disruptive.

I experienced being shouted at, whistled at, barked at — yes a grown man barked (woof, woof) at me when I was a teenager walking home from school. When is the last time a woman merrily skipped over to someone’s car after being barked at?

Once a white-haired old man slowly crept alongside me trying to lure me into his car as I walked to school for short flags practice. He could have been my grandpa. Disgusting.

More times than I can count, I endured cat calling as I innocently made my way to school each morning and then repeated the trek after school to go home. I’m not walking down the street for your pleasure and enjoyment. Leave me alone. I just need to get to school.

Even if my celebrity crush yowled at me from his car, I would still feel insulted. If you think I’m attractive and want my attention do it in normal gentleman-like way. The men that participate in this could be doing it as a joke, thinking it’s funny. Or they could seriously think they’ll attract a woman to sleep with them that way. I have no idea. Either way, it needs to stop. STOP.

I am a human. Women are people too. We are not here for you to throw degrading shouts, barks, and whistles toward. My existence is not a game.

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One Response to “When Has Shouting at a Woman From a Car Ever Worked?”

  1. yeaverilykristina March 25, 2014 at 4:39 pm #

    Agreed. This cat calling is disruptive, threatening, and upsetting. I believe it’s not really about sex at all, but about asserting power dynamics. Like all sexual harassment and sexual assault, it’s about power and control, it’s about telling women and girls that they are lesser and telling themselves that they are superior. It’s gross.

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