Ventura-Santa Paula #RunorDye 5k

10 Feb

I am now one of those people that paid to run around and let people throw colored cornstarch at me. And it was fun! Originally it was billed as a Ventura event and was held at the Ventura Ranch KOA however, it was actually located in Santa Paula. We parked in downtown Santa Paula and waited in a loooong line for the shuttle bus. I think they under-estimated how many people would actually participate and it might be the most amount of people in Santa Paula ever at one time. It’s a small sleepy town off a small quiet freeway in an agricultural area.

Before and after!

Before and after!

Since the running trail was at a campground the terrain was rough, rocks and boulders jutted out of the trail and it narrowed at certain points. There were times where you were just forced to walk for safety or just because the trail was narrow and winding with lots of people ahead of you walking. Despite being sick all week with a sore throat, fever and congestion–I did it! I ran as much as I could and had fun with my friends.

My sister Marina and me before the run.

My sister Marina and me before the run.

There was a little bit of drama at the end as we stood in yet another loooong line to get back on the shuttle bus. Because of the crowding and buses trying to get people back and forth as quickly as possible there was a bus fender-bender! Somehow, one bus got it’s doors stuck on the side paneling of another bus! We heard the loud noise of metal scraping metal as the first bus tried to pull away from the other–but they were stuck! We all had to wait as they figured out how to pry the buses apart and all other buses had to wait as these buses were also blocking the roadway, there was no way around them! Finally they pulled the side paneling off the second bus and they were free to move.

Me looking triumphant and doing a weird thing with my arms!

Me looking triumphant and doing a weird thing with my arms!

I would definitely do another 5k again but I don’t think I would do one again held at this location. I would like to really test my stamina on a safer trail or track where I can run freely without worrying about rocks and boulders causing any issues. Have you ever participated in a 5k or some event that challenged your fitness?

A colorful selfie

A colorful selfie

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2 Responses to “Ventura-Santa Paula #RunorDye 5k”

  1. Kyle February 10, 2014 at 3:47 pm #

    When I was in high school I did cross country. The hardest run we practiced was a 12 mile run with hills and went through some lemon groves. That run was a challenge every time and I would always be dying by the end of it!

    • moniqueis February 10, 2014 at 4:37 pm #

      That sounds crazy hard! I bet you were glad to be done each time!

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