Review: Polar FT4 Heart Monitor Watch

9 Jan

I received a Polar FT4 Watch as a gift from my husband this Christmas and so far I am in love with this product! The Polar FT4 Watch is a heart rate monitor and keeps track of how many calories you burn while working out. The display screen is large and easy to read and if you’re in a poorly lit or dark area you can push a button to temporarily light up the screen.

Polar FT4 Watch Display

Polar FT4 Heart Monitor Watch Display

It files away your data so you can go back and review your stats from previous workouts. It lets you know what your target heart rate should be when working out by asking your age, height, and weight. If you are under or over your target heart rate it beeps! You can also manually adjust what you would like your target heart rate range to be instead of the automated option. At the end of your workout it shows a summary with your total time, calories, highest and lowest heart rate, and the amount of time spent in your target heart rate zone.

Everything that comes with the Polar FT4 Heart Monitor Watch

Everything that comes with the Polar FT4 Heart Monitor Watch

Using the device is simple. First you strap a moistened (just a splash of water) adjustable stretchy band below your chest and click on the transmitter. Put the watch on your wrist then press the start button. There you go–done! The transmitter will send the accurate information to the watch and you will have a more effective workout.

How to put on the chest strap.

This watch helps me workout with the ideal level of effort for my goals. Before I would use the HIIT method, raise my heart rate up for a minute or two then decrease my speed on resistance to drop my heart rate. This is a great technique for fat burning. You can learn more about HIIT here. Now I can still do my HIIT cardio sessions on the elliptical but I’m aware of what my body is doing and I’m not going overboard. I’m not exhausted and out of breath, I’m going at a steady pace and I’m not completely worn out by the end of my cardio session. I still have energy for a bit of toning exercises after! I would definitely recommend the Polar FT4 Heart Monitor Watch to anyone looking for a way to track heart rate and calorie burn accurately.

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