Monique Is Exploring Idaho

7 Jan

During the week of Christmas we packed up the car and drove out to Idaho to visit my in-laws. They recently bought a house in the little town called Mountain Home. The biggest employers are the Air Force Base, Wal-Mart and a cheese packing plant. Nevertheless, I am always excited to visit new places and experience new things. On our way over we took the Nevada route–a long empty lifeless (save for a few cows) highway also known as the “Extraterrestrial Highway.” You can go on 100+ mile stretches without seeing a single rest stop, gas station or structure. For the way back we went through Utah which was much better because there is civilization throughout!

Anyway, back to Idaho. Being from Southern California neither of us has experience with driving in snow. Just our luck, it started snowing when we were 30 minutes away from the house around 1 o’clock in the morning! We were cautious with driving over the icy looking roads during the whole trip but actual snow falling from the sky put us on high alert. For those who are used to driving in snow it was probably no big deal at all–in fact a semi truck passed us up on the freeway! We would just rather be safe than sorry.

I took this photo on our first day there, it was cold enough to freeze a dripping faucet!

I took this photo on our first day there, it was cold enough to freeze a dripping faucet! But I know I can’t complain much since most of the country is freezing or even below freezing right now due to the polar vortex.

Our first day there we visited the big city in Idaho–Boise. It was a nice drive, some hills, mountains in the distance snow on the ground, that sort of thing. We watched a movie and went to dinner then headed back home.

Snowball fight! Kyle's running trying to peg me with a snowball.

Driving in snow makes us nervous but we’ll run full speed…

On another day we drove out to Bogus Basin for some snowboarding. I’ve snowboarded a few times now but this mountain was very different for a novice like myself. There were hills on the trail that are difficult to get over if you are not comfortable with catching speed. The moderate trail felt more difficult than the moderate trails I’ve been on in California.


Hi! My pant leg is up because I have weird snowboarding pants.

However, I still enjoyed myself and for the first time I was out on the mountain with REAL snow falling from the sky, instead of the snow generated by fans that a lot of California resorts use. One of the most amazing things I saw that day was as we were on the ski lift going up the mountain, the higher we got the less I could see! Snow fell all around me and a white blanket of fog crept up and shrouded the trees. All around me was just blank whiteness. It was scary because I couldn’t see under me but at the same time so beautiful and peaceful. Luckily the fog and snow didn’t obstruct my view of the ski lift exit!

Ski lift at Bogus Basin, Idaho.

Ski lift at Bogus Basin, Idaho.

We drove out to the Boise Forest and stopped at the Anderson Dam on Christmas Eve for a family outing. My father-in-law drove leisurely and we stopped whenever someone saw something of interest. We took photos and videos and walked around a bit. During the summer people take boats on the lake and go camping in the mountains. Since it was winter we were the only people around! We enjoyed the quiet and beauty of the forest during winter.

Monique Is Blog Anderson Dam Boise Forest

One last photo for fun 🙂

Uncle Alberto, Me and Kyle

Uncle Alberto, Me and Kyle at Bogus Basin

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