2014 New Year’s Resolutions

3 Jan

My resolutions last year were to be happier, let go, and stop over-extending. I really tried to accomplish these goals and even though some negative thoughts crept back, even subconsciously in my dreams, I remained focused on the here and now. I could have

done a much better job at just straight up saying NO to certain things or people, especially when it came to wedding planning. That is just something I need to keep working on. While I am more than happy to help others, in fact I really do love helping and making other people’s lives easier and less stressful–I need to make sure it doesn’t hinder my life, my goals and plans. I have to think about how my choices to extend myself to others will also effect Kyle.

If I give someone a ride, loan money, volunteer to stay late etc. that all also effects

Kyle. Whether it be financially or by breaking expectations we set ahead of time. My world does not revolve around him but I totally get that me loaning a good portion of money to someone is going to effect us both. We have financial goals and we won’t get there if I am bailing someone out. I also need to say no to others for me. Not only should I put my relationship with my husband in the forefront of my thoughts I need to put ME ahead. I’ve done well with setting certain goals and accomplishing them, I just need to keep in mind that no one else is going to watch out for me the way I will.

So here are some resolutions or goals for 2014:

Spend less – Again, we have very specific financial goals and part of getting there means me spending less money. I don’t buy frivolous things all the time but I do find that we go out to eat a lot more now that we share a kitchen with others. I need to really get back to pre-planning and preparing meals. Our main goals at the moment are pay off a large credit card debt, pay off a small bank loan, save for a trip to Europe in 2015 and start saving for a house. I’m hoping to get those debts down to zero by the end of the year so hopefully 2015  will be focused on saving up for the trip and a home….and maybe start planning for a family in 2015/16? 😉 Now I’m getting ahead of myself, back to 2014 goals!

Be more confident and self assured – I’ve read it over and over again in magazines when female celebrities talk about how much more confident they feel in their 30s than when they were in their 20s. I’m not 30 yet, but I want to get there now. That level of confidence and to be completely self assured. As I’ve made working out an important part of my life I see how strong my body can be and I want to feel that way on the outside. I don’t really think I can achieve a chiseled toned body (I like tortillas and ice cream too much), but I can achieve a healthy strong body. I should be happy with that and just flaunt what I got while I can! Shyness is something I’ve always struggled with so I need to break free–speak my mind and appreciate my appearance!

Maintain blogging twice a week – I struggle with consistently posting on this blog. Sometimes I’m motivated and have so many ideas for posts and other times I go a full month without posting. I need to just keep at it and really work on my craft. In order to be a better writer I need to write!

Read more books – I used to devour books. Then I hit college and fun reading went away. I am going to make a concerted effort to read at least one new book each month.

Write for myself – I’m going to take 10 minutes to write in my journal at least twice a week. I used to love journaling all the time. I started when I was young, maybe as young as 8 or 9 I remember always keeping a journal and jotting down my thoughts. When college came  a lot of that time I used to have for reflecting went away as I worked and studied and made time for friends and family.

Do you believe in setting annual goals or making resolutions?

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