2013 Reflection

31 Dec

It’s time to reflect on the adventures of 2013!

I spent most of my year planning our August wedding, you can see some of the planning details here. I made fitness a priority by cooking healthy meals at home, preparing lunches and snacks, and hitting the gym several times a week. It helped improve my fitness level and confidence on my wedding day–read more about that here.

A big event that I focused on besides the wedding was my niece’s first birthday. You can read about it here and here. She is still the only child between my sisters and I so she continues to receive all of our attention and is completely loved and spoiled by all! We are loving every single moment.

I finally took some time out to truly explore San Francisco and wrote a series of blog posts detailing all the fun–read about it in my travel section.

Oh and there was a fire. It was scary and I never want to experience that again. Check it out here. Then I moved back to my hometown because I just could not take the HEAT of the valley. Wrote something about that here.

On August 4 we got married!! Hooray! I shared some photos here. The next day we hit the road and spent a week at beautiful Lake Tahoe for our honeymoon. I didn’t post about that but plan to share some photos and experiences in a few months.

The wedding planning process really took up a bulk of my time this year. However, that did not distract from my professional goals. I earned a promotion at my work and I’m now an Associate Manager! Kyle finished off another great semester studying electrical engineering and won a scholarship. He went to an engineering conference in October to accept his scholarship. I’m very proud of my husband! And yes, I’m excited to use that word –“husband” now!

We finished off the year with one more travel adventure by road tripping it to Idaho to visit my in-laws. I’m now happily back in Southern California ready to ring in the New Year.

What are some of your 2013 highlights? Go anywhere interesting, do anything exciting?

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