27 Nov

Well looks like I again didn’t do so well with following a blog challenge. I did start NaBloPoMo late but I also skipped posting on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Honestly, I feel like the prompts are not very creative or inspiring. Some of the prompts seem to be similar to the ones provided when I did the blog challenge earlier this year.

I still want to be consistent with blogging and keep this place alive. I love writing and it’s the best way I know how to express myself. Plus, I’m not going to lie, it keeps me relevant to the social media profession by maintaining my own (outside of work) WordPress blog and keeping the related Facebook page and Twitter feed updated.

Anyway, since Thanksgiving is TOMORROW I want to talk about that! Right now my sister is preparing the turkey. She places it in wet brine a whole day before Thanksgiving to get it ready for roasting. Growing up, my mom would get our turkey “drunk” — her way of preparing the turkey was to put it in a beer marinade. We’ve done away with that but there is one food related tradition we kept, her yummy beef stuffing.

I’m fairly certain most families do not stuff their turkey with beef. As a kid I gobbled it down without a second thought, never knowing other families enjoyed bread-based stuffing (or some call it dressing). I was always aware of the boxed kind of stuffing, but didn’t realize there existed a freshly made type. It wasn’t until we started having Thanksgiving with my ex-step-dad’s family that I experienced other stuffing.

Someecards Thanksgiving Funny ecard

His mother is an excellent cook and her Thanksgiving meals were always amazing. I clearly remember the table was always missing one thing…beef stuffing. There were a few years that my mom made a batch and brought it over. But it wasn’t quite the same as when it bakes inside the turkey, juices flowing, meaty flavors mixing.

Now we always have her stuffing. It’s a requirement! This is a recipe my grandmother passed down and my mom makes it exactly the same way, unchanged over the years. This is at least what she says, and I’ll believe it! The recipe consists of ground beef, crumbled saltine crackers, peas, carrots, celery and other ingredients. I won’t list all of the ingredients here or her process — there needs to be some mystery behind the ground beef stuffing.

Does your family have any food traditions or traditions in general for Thanksgiving?

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