Monique Is Blog 1st Annual Small Business Saturday 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

22 Nov

This year I’m doing something new! I’d like this Small Business Saturday Holiday Gift Guide to become a regular annual feature on this blog. I know some talented and motivated individuals who started their own side businesses to express their creativity. If you are looking for a unique gift for someone this year take a look at this gift guide to give you some ideas.

In case you don’t know about Small Business Saturday, it is recognized as the day after Black Friday and created by American Express to support small businesses during the holiday shopping season. I think it’s a brilliant idea! This year Small Biz Saturday is on November 30. Many shoppers head straight to the mall or big box stores to fulfill their holiday shopping lists but there are so many interesting and unique items out there created by small business owners. Let this guide give you some ideas for those on your list that are hard to shop for.

Monique Is Blog First Annual Holiday Gift Guide for Small Business Saturday

The format for this guide is: 1. Name and link to store with a one line description. 2. A short paragraph describing the store. 3. “My Pick” is an item I’m choosing to highlight because of it’s uniqueness and “giftability.”

*One more thing before we dive in–I was not paid by anyone and I’m not sponsored in any way by any of these small businesses. If I’ve received an item to sample I will notate it in the description.*

1. Heard and Seen – Handmade art and jewelry inspired by sound.

These pieces are truly special because the artist that creates these experiences something unique called synesthesia. This means she not only hears sound but sees sound as well. She explains it in her blog with further detail, click here to read. This inspires her to paint what she sees and then she transforms these paintings into unique tiny mosaics on the backs of scrabble tiles. The translation of these pieces of art is different for each person. What I see in one piece is different from what you might see.

My Pick:

I would pick any necklace from this store! They are each one of a kind pieces so once a necklace is gone–it’s gone for good!

2. Timeless Crafty –  A variety of hand crafted holiday decor plus tutus for little girls!

This shop focuses on timeless holiday decor items (see what I did there?) like Christmas wreaths and sets of angel ornaments. However, there are other things in this shop that would make great gifts like hand made clay sculpted earrings and tutus. Which brings us to…

My Pick:

This tutu would be the perfect Christmas gift for the girly-girl in your life. These tutus can be customized to your child’s measurements and the colors can be changed too. I like this color combo for Christmas photos.

3. Fierce Fantasy Designs – Specialty crafts inspired by the fantasy genre.

This shop is full of extremely cute items! If you have someone on your list that loves things that are totally unique and playful definitely visit this shop. One of the cutest items I came across was the Kitten in a Basket in a Bottle. A tiny clay kitten. In a basket. WITH balloons. All inside a bottle. And you can wear it. I die! It’s extremely adorable and there are other designs like a Tiny Bee on a Flower or Octopus with Mustache. But…

My Pick:

I’m choosing to highlight this gorgeous Steam Punk Heart Locket. This item is made from found items and was pieced together by hand.

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3. MiA Bath and Body by Louie Candelaria – Customized bath and body products.

I reviewed MiA Bath and Body before on this blog and I honestly do like these products! These items are great because you can mix up your own scent recipe and choose the type of product you want plus add a color and custom message to the packaging.  I have personally tried these products and can say they are of good quality. It’s all natural organic ingredients.

My Pick:

I recommend this Holiday Hand Gift set. These are large generous sizes and although part of the fun of MiA is that you can design a scent recipe–this bundle you choose from two pre-made scents. So if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to create something just choose between Snow Angel (with shimmer) OR Spiced Apple Cider. Even better, this bundle includes gift wrap! I think this would be a great gift for a teacher, boss, babysitter, hair stylist, dog groomer–people you see regularly that you would like to show your appreciation to for their hard work.

Shop here!

Shop here! Includes free gift wrap.

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4. South Hill Designs by CDelarosa – Unique jewelry that shows what you love.

South Hill Designs is a way to create customized lockets to show off your interests and loves. There are different types of these see through lockets and you can fill them with a variety of charms. There are so many charms to choose from and so many ways to customize. You can pick the type of metal, chain length, screens etc.

My Pick:

Ok so I know this is a Small Business SATURDAY post but they are having a Black Friday Special that I decided to highlight because it’s a great deal. You get to choose a locket and fill it for $9.95 with holiday charms! This is a great gift for someone in your life that LOVES Christmas. The person I’m imagining starts decorating and playing Christmas music on November 1st. They would love something cute and special like this!

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That’s a wrap! I hope you choose some small businesses to support this year as you check off the items on your gift list!

Monique Is Blog Small Business Saturday Holiday Gift Guide

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