Trapped In A Movie

11 Nov

Continuing on with National Blog Posting Month, the prompt for today is: If you had to be trapped inside a movie for 5 days, which movie would you pick?

In the past I wrote about my favorite movies but I wouldn’t want to necessarily be STUCK in any of them for five whole days. I would want to be stuck inside a movie with magic and happiness. Where something wonderful happens. I’m a big fan of Disney movies so this is a tough choice!

Maybe I would be stuck inside Bambi. In the beautiful forest, roaming around with Thumper, Bambi and Flower. Oh and Owl! As long as we don’t have to be in the part where “man has entered the forest.” If we can just play in the meadow and listen to rain drops at night.

Maybe I would be stuck inside The Little Mermaid. Swimming around with all my many Mer-Sisters and fish friends. I would join Sebastian’s band and play music all day long. I’d hang out with Flounder, get into mischief and occasionally go to the surface to chit chat with Skuttle.

Or, maybe I’d like to be stuck inside Toy Story. I would be a toy version of me and spend my days adventuring around the house with Woody and Buzz. I might have to break up some heated disagreements between the two every now and then but overall we’d have a blast!

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