Memorial Candle Wedding DIY

17 Sep

Unfortunately some of our grandparents were no longer with us at the time of our wedding but we wanted to honor them since they meant so much to us in our lives. I decided to create a memorial candle. I found many examples on Pinterest and Etsy but none of the things I saw online really stuck with me. I made a trip to Michael’s and found some supplies to create something a little different for our memorial candle.

Wedding Remembrance Memorial Candle collage

Using a plain glass candle holder, Martha Stewart Glass Etching Cream, Martha Stewart Adhesive Stencils plus some ribbon, glass glue and a charm I managed to create something special in honor of our grandparents. It was a very affordable and simple craft. I am not skilled with arts and crafts so if I can do this anyone can!

First I cleaned the surface with some hot water and let it dry completely. Then I chose the stencils I wanted and played with placement. I decided to represent each grandparent with a butterfly and to depict them in a garden. One for “Mom” my grandma, one for “Grandad” Kyle’s paternal grandfather and one for “Mamita” Kyle’s maternal grandmother.

I stuck the adhesive stencil to the glass, pressed out any air bubbles and applied a generous amount of glass etching cream being careful not to get any on the areas not within the stencil. I waited 15 minutes and rinsed off the cream with hot water.

After wiping it dry I measured out a length of ribbon and glued it to the top of the candle holder. Finally, I glued the angel charm to the ribbon, to represent an angel watching over them in the garden of heaven.

Wedding Remembrance Memorial Candle Ribbon and Charm

At the wedding the memorial candle was placed on the guest book table with a small frame where I typed up a quote about family and included their names.

I used a white LED candle for the actual wedding. Photo courtesy of Sal Romero.

I used a white LED candle for the actual wedding. Photo courtesy of Sal Romero.

For those who are married, did you do anything like this at your wedding? What are some other creative ways to honor loved ones at a wedding? For brides-to-be do you plan on doing something like this? I’d love to hear from you all!

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