Wedding Count Down

30 Jul

Hi everyone! I haven’t updated this blog in a little while but I have been super busy with work and last minute wedding details. Just wanted to check in here to let you all know I have many wedding related posts planned. They will go up after the honeymoon. I just don’t want to reveal too many details before hand.

Let’s just take a moment to realize something. We’re getting married in FIVE DAYS! I’m excited and nervous! I have everything I need, picked up my dress over the weekend and all my accessories are set. My venue is amazing and they are taking care of so much for me. Our DJ even sent us a timeline so I didn’t need to worry about creating one. The rehearsal is Saturday and big day is Sunday.

This past Saturday my sisters threw an awesome bridal shower, I’ve thanked them many times but still feel like I can’t express my gratefulness! The whole weekend was a blast. That same night we went out for my bachelorette party and that was a ton of fun too! Again, thank you to everyone that came out to the bridal shower and bachelorette, I truly appreciate your love, support and kindness! Another thank you to my bridesmaids, they all chipped in to make the day go smoothly and I really feel the love!

These are my beautiful cousins Vanessa and Elsa who came to celebrate with me!

These are my beautiful cousins Vanessa and Elsa who came to celebrate with me! I love this photo of us. When I get back from the honeymoon I’ll do a full post with more photos from the bridal shower.

A quick side note: I changed my Twitter, Instagram and Vine handles to @moisblog. I’ve always disliked my original handle @mgnzlz but now that I’m getting married and changing my name I decided to toss out that old handle once and for all! Now it does not include my maiden name and is also more cohesive with this blog.

Next time I post here I will be an Abrahamsen!

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