This Is Not A Drill

25 Jun

My dog started barking. I heard a commotion outside. What’s that smell?

I sat up. Rushed down the stairs. Is that the sound of glass breaking? What is that smell? Burned plastic?

I looked through the peep hole. Beeping sounds. I peered through the blinds. Orange flashes of light.

“Fire! Fire!” a man shouted from outside.

“Kyle get up! Get up! Get the cat! Get me a bra! The apartment is on fire!”

I slipped on my sneakers and harnessed my dog. I pulled the kennel out from the closet. The heavy bottle of bleach almost fell.

He tossed a sports bra down and I did the quickest change ever.

“Your shoes are down here, hurry!”

He put the cat in the kennel. Leashed our other dog.

“My phone!”

“It’s upstairs”

I ran up, pulled my phone out from under the pillow. For some reason, I turned off the fan. Ran back downstairs. Grabbed my purse.

Opened the door, hefted the kennel.

A bright wall of flames menacingly licked the second floor. Neighbors fled their apartments, kennels and leashes in tow.

We made it to the front of the apartment complex. A fire truck with blaring lights. Firemen moving fast.


Neighbors in their pajamas just as stunned and startled. Forming circles and speculating.

“It was me, it’s my apartment…” the woman in a yellow nightie guiltily trailed off.

fireMore fire trucks arrived. Curious onlookers from across the street looked out their windows and stood on their balconies.

“Kyle, do you remember, when we first starting dating, what I said one of my greatest fears was?”

He laughs. “For a fire to start and be without a bra in front of all the neighbors and firemen.”

“Thanks for throwing down the hardest bra to put on.” I hugged him and took deep breaths until my legs stopped involuntarily shaking.

Then our dogs pooped on the grass.

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P.S. No one was hurt, our apartment is okay, we are okay. I believe the only apartments damaged were the woman’s apartment, the one directly above and some slight damage to the one on the left, plus a window cracked on the one to the right upstairs.  There is still a pile of charred apartment innards in the courtyard and the burned apartment is boarded up. I still need to inquire about the cause.


2 Responses to “This Is Not A Drill”

  1. RunToTheFinish June 28, 2013 at 6:51 am #

    oh my gosh that is terrifying!! thank goodness you woke up, I usually think I’d sleep through it I’m used to so many noises. I don’t know how we’d get our cats out honestly they are so awful about the carriers!


  1. 2013 Reflection | moniqueis - December 31, 2013

    […] and there was a fire. It was scary and I never want to experience that again. Check it out here. Then I moved back to my hometown because I just could not take the HEAT of the valley. Wrote […]

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