A Night In San Francisco

26 Apr

Our first night out in San Francisco consisted of hopping from one night spot to the next as our friend scouted potential venues for his business. Before he started any of that, we made a stop at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in Union Square. He needed to show us the spectacular view at the top floor from The Starlight Room. I’m so glad he showed us this place, it is a classy night spot with an incredible view!

The elevator opened its doors to the 21st floor and we walked into the Starlight Room by crossing through elegant red curtains. A large table with a decadent arrangement of long stem red roses greeted us at the entrance, along with a friendly host. To the right is a bar and to the left plush red booths, stylish chairs and tables. The walls are painted red with gold accents, giving off an old Hollywood vibe. At the very end of the space is an open dance floor where windows line the walls to show off the San Francisco cityscape.

Roses at the Starlight Room San Francisco

Perfect spot for a photo-op!

We walked over to the dance floor which, did not include anyone dancing because it was still somewhat early in the night plus it was a Thursday. Other patrons seated at tables were catching a late dinner or early cocktail. After taking in the scenery we headed back the bar to order a drink and relax. Kyle got a rum and coke, our friend Jon ordered a beer and I carefully selected a drink from the cocktail menu. I chose the Colorado Vs. Hunters S. Thompson that consisted of Absolut Vodka, Hibiscus Cordial, Lemon and Orange Curacao. It tasted crisp, fresh and citrusy and not at all overwhelmingly fruity. The bar tender let me know this was their trademark and most popular cocktail, and I ordered it without knowing beforehand!

 Colorado Vs. Hunters S. Thompson Cocktail

Colorado Vs. Hunters S. Thompson

We sipped our drinks, took another lap around the dance floor to enjoy the view, snapped some photos and went to our next location.

Kyle, myself and Jon--dapper darlings.

Kyle, myself and Jon. Hooray for fuzzy iPhone pictures!

Monique and Kyle at The Starlight Room

Posing like we’re at the prom.

Next up was the Supper Club. The first room we walked into had a circular bar with red walls and dark lighting. The next room was much larger and total opposite. Everything was white–walls, floor, seating, stairs–all white! The seating consisted of bed like cushions against the walls on the lower and upper levels. Note for the future, don’t wear stilettos if you plan on going on the upper floor. It’s filled with small holes and I can see someone’s heel getting caught causing a spill! There was a large dance floor and at one point they cleared the dance floor to make way for a performer. She was a contortionist or acrobat of some sort and everyone was amazed by her talents. My brain still can’t comprehend that amount of flexibility! The show was not lewd in any way whatsoever, she was legit.

Just chillen on one hand.

Just chillen on one hand.

It just so happened that SOMA Magazine was hosting a party that same night so when we left they gave me a swag bag and I scored some Lancome products! Thanks SOMA Mag! After we scoped out Supper Club we headed to Monarch. This place is split into two floors. The top is a bar and lounge area. There is a big hole cut and framed behind the bar. On the other side is the seating area with Victorian Era looking couches and chairs. Downstairs is a large dance floor, DJ booth and stage along with a bar. When we came back upstairs to enjoy a drink in the seating area we were surprised to see that SAME acrobat chick working it in that HOLE IN THE WALL! It’s actually a space for performances! We were pretty impressed!

I’m not familiar with this area of San Francisco but the Supper Club manager warned us that although Monarch is in a somewhat sketchy looking area, once you get inside it’s actually quite nice. I have to agree with him!

monarch seating area

See the framed hole in the wall up there?

Finally, we went back to the hotel and changed into casual clothes. Jon was done scouting locations for the night so we decided to hit up a dive bar we saw earlier that day after walking back from dinner. It’s called Kennedy’s Irish Pub & Indian Curry House. One half of the room is Irish Pub, the other half Indian food. Delightfully divey! We split one pitcher of beer and played a few rounds of pool. This place served only beer. We went over to the next delightfully divey bar when a little moused scurried by Jon’s foot. I stepped back, jaw dropped and unable to find my voice. It happened so quickly! Aside from Mickey Mouse paying us a visit, that place was just right for what it was.

Casual clothes! Pitcher! Pool!

Casual clothes in the hotel! Pitcher! Pool! -At Kennedy’s Irish Pub

Our very last stop for the night was The International Sports Bar. They serve liquor and beer but only accept cash. Jon and I played a game of Foosball with strangers, we won (of course)! After that we called it a night and walked back to the hotel.

International Sports Bar

Dollar Bills on the ceiling! Random Marilyn Monroe photo! Foosball! Cinnamon candy flavored shot! -At the International Sports Bar

That first night in San Francisco was amazing and a wonderful way to kick off the trip. I love that we went from very dressed up and elegant to ending our night in a good old fashioned dive bar. It’s like we did everything in one night. Great memories!

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