Embarrassing Moment

24 Mar

As a clumsy person I experience more than my fair share of embarrassing moments! Just recently for my niece’s birthday I tried to help make cupcakes and cookies and totally flubbed on that!

I reached for an egg and instantly broke the shell, getting yolk all over the eggs inside the bin.

For the cookies, I didn’t roll them out thin enough and they came out looking more like lily pads (said Sophia’s grandpa) and less like clovers. *facepalm* Those fail cookies never saw the light of day!

There was short flags camp in high school where I gave my friend a piggy back ride down the dorm hall and she lost her grip, slid down and pulled my shorts half way off my rear  and I was exposed in front of the cheerleaders. Varsity, senior and junior cheerleaders who were considered cooler than the short flags team. I just wanted to hide in a hole the rest of the night!

Almost every time I go shopping I knock over something. I almost always spill food or drink on myself. I’m clumsy and it leads to embarrassing moments!

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