15 Mar

Today’s blog challenge post is to write 10 things that make me awesome. I don’t really want to do a whole post talking about what an awesome person I think I am, it’s just doesn’t feel right! Instead I’m going to write 10 different awesome people.

Surround yourself with good people

1. Kyle is awesome because he is caring, honest, thoughtful, respectful, easy going, funny, silly and lovable. He’s always willing to listen and is just such a peaceful and loving guy.

2. My sister Marina is awesome because she is funny, a loving mother and sister, super creative and artistic.

3. My sister Jessica is awesome because she is fiercely loyal, speaks her mind and goes to the beat of her own drum.

4. My niece Sophia is awesome because she is the light of our universe in our little segment of family. As the first child among us three sisters she changed our dynamic in a positive way!

5. My friend Jaclynn is awesome because she is fun loving, super sweet, silly, smart and determined. When she wants something she just goes for it!

6. My friend Arlissa is awesome because she is a strong woman, even when life hands her a load of crap to deal with she always remains stoic and unbreakable.

7. My (future) sister in law Jessica is awesome because she speaks her mind and although she’s fun loving and talkative she also has a reserved side to her.

8. My friend Jon is awesome because he is an extremely hard worker but he plays just as hard! He’s someone that can be in a nightclub and hold an engaging conversation about politics.

9. My friend Keith is awesome because, in my eyes, he is a movie aficionado, he never fails to introduce me to some great films. Not only that but he’s just a good, honest and loyal friend you can count on.

10. This last one isn’t about any one particular person. There are many awesomely talented people that I work with, true creative geniuses. The people that create websites, the art that goes on the sites, games, the talented writers in addition to the people outside of my department that create the products that inspire us all. It’s incredible seeing how all these minds can come together to produce all the aspects that make a product whole!


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One Response to “Awesome”

  1. kimberlyfoley March 15, 2013 at 3:22 pm #

    I think you are Awesome for giving a shout to all the awesome people in your life. Sounds like there is a lot of love in your life!

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