Review: Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response

11 Mar

Secret Clinical Strength Stress ResponseWhen I initially saw the Secret commercial on TV about stress sweat I scoffed and even made fun of the idea. When I opened my Sweetheart Vox Box and found the Secret deodorant package inside I laughed and said to Kyle, “Remember that deodorant we were making fun of? I get to test it out now!” I did a little research of my own, I Googled “Is Stress Sweat Real” and came across this wonderfully written investigative article on Slate published 13 years ago! Check it out here. The author thoroughly tested out Secret Platinum and other brands. The author also goes into detail about the three types of sweat: physical activity induced, heat induced and stress induced. So yes, stress sweat is indeed a real thing!

Normally I do opt for Secret as my go to brand for deodorant, but I always choose the regular stuff. I usually shy away from Secret Clinical Strength because it seems intimidating and I never felt I required something that strong. I did further research on the Secret website to see if Clinical Strength is suitable for someone who does not experience extreme sweating. According to their FAQ page:

“Clinical Strength is designed for heavy sweaters, but can provide confidence and prescription strength wetness protection to anyone who experiences or worries about excessive underarm perspiration.”

Never let them see you sweat

With all that information gathered I decided to go ahead and test out Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response. The directions on the package state to apply two clicks of the product to each armpit at night. Secret recommends this because it allows for better staying power (I read this on the FAQ page). Since I shower in the morning I applied the product at that time instead. I’m not sure if this affected the product efficiency.

I put this on every single day for a week and subjected Kyle to a “sniff test” at the end of each day (poor guy). On the first day he first smelled the deodorant fragrance followed by a hint of my usual funk. Normally, at the end of the day I’m just a wee bit stinky. When Kyle gets a little too close to my pits he usually makes some kind of joke about the funky smell and then I joke back, “Hey, it’s been a long day!” So for him to get close to me and not be accosted by my scent right away is a plus for both of us! No more awkward armpit jokes…Yaaaay…By the end of the Sniff Test days Kyle said he noticed a big difference in my BO. It is not so offensive to his senses anymore! When he gets close all he smells is the fresh scent from the product.

I did experience a few stressful moments while using this product. I experienced some major stress while working on something new at my job and while trying to figure out wedding details. Even though my heart pounded like crazy and anxiety came over for a visit my pits stayed at an acceptable rate of non-sweatiness. Huzzah!

The negatives about this product is that it costs more than regular deodorant and is one ounce less than the regular stuff. You don’t need to pile on a lot of product for it to work though, just two clicks of the dial is enough to last all day and night.

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Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


One Response to “Review: Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response”

  1. Alyssa C. (@LyssaCurran) March 11, 2013 at 1:03 pm #

    I got a sample of this stuff with my last deodorant purchase and I have to say I’m impressed too!!! So far so good!

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