Best Childhood Memory

4 Mar

I’m going to use this writing prompt to address a picture posted by Teen Mom cast member, Farrah Abraham, of her daughter playing dress up. Some controversy flared up because of this image, some people felt it was inappropriate because the 4-year-old is holding a bra. I personally love this picture because it reminds me of the things I did as a child. One of my best childhood memories are the times my younger sister and I would get into my mom’s makeup, heels and yes–even her bras! This is something I wrote about once before here.

Little girls mimicking their mothers is so natural. We would get into the closet, wear the heels–even the thigh high boots! We’d put on the bras, stuff socks in them and strut around. We weren’t trying to be sexual or inappropriate, we were playing pretend, imagining what it would it might be like to have to wear bras and heels one day.

We also mimicked our favorite celebrities. I remember swinging my hair around because a Spanish language pop singer had a popular song called “Pelo Suelto” about liking her hair long and loose. I remember pretending to be Left-Eye from TLC. We tried to imitate the make-up the girl group wore in their “Waterfalls” video. We were too young to even comprehend what the heck any of their songs were about, we just thought they were beautiful women with the attitudes and fashion sense we considered cool.


In order to recreate the nude lip look we took a tube of my mom’s concealer and applied it to our lips. Now I know you can buy lipstick in that shade! My sister also painted Left-Eye’s signature black stripe under my eye using my mom’s liquid eyeliner! We absolutely got in trouble, my mom was always upset when we got into her things. But in that moment, just me and my little sister playing with make-up, it was a very happy time.

Together we discovered and explored these amazing womanly things my mom owned. When we got into our mom’s stuff we both pulled back that veil of feminine mystery and dove in together. This is why when I look at that picture of Farrah’s daughter posing in heels, puckering up lipsticked lips and holding out a pink bra while donning a shiny tiara I smile knowingly and I remember what it’s like to be around that age doing the same exact thing.


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One Response to “Best Childhood Memory”

  1. Laura Greene March 4, 2013 at 11:12 am #

    What a lovely memory! Thanks for sharing!

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