Love Grows

13 Feb

Since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow I thought I’d share the history of Valentine’s Day for Kyle and I–we didn’t actually celebrate Valentine’s Day together until our third year of dating. Here’s why….

In 2009 Kyle and I were re-introduced, he’d just come back from active duty and I was a single girl healing from heartbreak. My eyes lit up as soon as I saw him at a Super Bowl party. The way he held himself, his body language and presence was so different from what I remembered. The Air Force did him well, he became a handsome grown-up man, but he still retained his relaxed go with the flow fun attitude he was known for. We started talking and hanging out as friends so that first Valentine’s Day passed us by without any acknowledgement. We became an official couple in March.

For our very first Valentine’s Day together in 2010 we weren’t actually together, he was in the Air Force Reserves and his annual “two weeks a year” training happened to land during that time. I couldn’t communicate with him often as he was overseas and working on a night shift. When I got home from work on Valentine’s Day I saw roses on the table for my sister and it added to the sad feeling of not having Kyle around. I climbed up the stairs to retreat to my bedroom and saw a box hiding against the wall at the top of the stairs. I peered down at it and saw it was from a flower company and it had my name on it! I took it to my room, opened it up and found a bouquet of irises and star gazer lilies plus a note from Kyle. I was so I happy I cried, it was such a sweet gesture and totally unexpected.

I set them up on a little glass table in the corner of my room and watched them beautifully bloom throughout the week. Everyday that Kyle was gone I took a picture of the flowers and sent it to him so he could see how the flowers changed day by day. It was like seeing a new bouquet every single day. The sweet natural perfume from the flowers filled my room. Whenever I walked in I breathed in the scent and smiled. Just as the flowers blossomed I felt my love for Kyle blossoming even more, and his being away made me appreciate the beauty of our relationship. When he finally got back home he took me out to dinner as another sweet Valentine’s Day gesture.

The following year, 2011, Kyle once again was called away by the Air Force Reserves for his regularly scheduled monthly duty. We celebrated early by going to a very nice dinner.

Finally, last year 2012 we spent Valentine’s Day together! Our very first time actually spending the holiday on the actual day and being with each other, not separated by miles of road or ocean. We stayed home and cooked dinner together and just enjoyed each others company.

This year Kyle has a late night class, I’ll see him before he leaves to class and when he gets home. I decided to bake him a special dessert to enjoy once he’s back from class. I’d much rather have to deal with him being in a class than being away with military!

So that is our interesting history with celebrating Valentine’s Day. The sneaky little holiday that almost always finds a way of evading us somehow. That specific day is not the only time we show our love and appreciation for each other. We always do nice thoughtful things for each other. We support each others goals and aspirations and help each other around the house. We confide in each other and don’t ever shy away from saying exactly what we feel. We horse around and act like silly goofballs. There is just something so comfortable, open, honest and refreshing about us that just gets better everyday. Just like that ever blossoming bouquet of irises and star gazers.

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One Response to “Love Grows”

  1. Alyssa @ February 14, 2013 at 11:38 am #

    Awww, this is sooo cute!!!! Love you two little love birds!

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