2012 Reflection

31 Dec

Everyone seems to be taking time to reflect on this past year so I figure I’d better do the same!

My year started out on a high note, Kyle surprised me with a gorgeous diamond ring when he proposed to me on January 29 and you can read about it here.

I came out of my shell a little more this year when I became President of the Public Relations Student Society of America at CSUN and took a memorable road trip with some fellow PRSSA members, look back at my visit to Reno and San Francisco here and here. I also won a PRSSA scholarship that helped cover tuition for my last semester.

I became an Aunt this year when my older sister gave birth to our very first baby among the sisters, look at Sophia’s e-announcement here. We celebrated her early arrival with a summer baby shower.

I graduated from CSUN and received my BA in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations and the day after that I jetted off to Atlanta, GA to meet my future extended family-in-law and attended a true blue southern wedding! Read about the wedding here and my adventures around the Southern states can be found here.

I turned 25 this year, and thoroughly look forward to another 25+ years ahead of me that will surely be grander than the first 25 years! You can read about my birthday outing here.

We set our wedding date for next year and I caught a case of bridal brain!

We moved to a new place and I needed some help seeing the positives and adjusting. I also got my braces removed! After a life time of insecurity and a $2000 investment in orthodontic care I finally have a smile I can be proud of!

I also got lucky with my job–I started out as an intern in the fall of 2011 and this summer became a full-time employee doing what I love, being creative and writing every day in a fun industry.

There were a few sad moments when I realized people that I thought were my friends for life turned on me seemingly out of the blue. For one person I still have NO idea what I did or said to cause her to suddenly shut me out. Another I apologized for my mistake but things never fully healed. The last one was my friend since childhood and she took a photo on Facebook out of context and cut me out of her life with the simple click of the “unfriend” button. A lot of my friends from CSUN don’t ever contact me anymore, there is actually only one person who occasionally picks up the phone and calls me to see how I’m doing. I learned a lot about people this year!

The good definitely weighed out the negative this year and I know next year will be full of new adventures and a whole new chapter of my life as a professional writer and future Mrs. Abrahamsen! I can’t wait to blog more about wedding related topics as more wedding plans get settled!

Was 2012 good for you too? What do you look forward to in 2013?

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