Bridal Brain

24 Oct

We officially set a wedding date for August 4, 2013. That means now I officially have a case of “bridal brain”. All I can think about is wedding stuff! Before setting a date I casually browsed wedding mags, made my Pinterest board and went to a couple wedding shows. Now my thoughts are ALL wedding ALL the time! Well, maybe not 100% of the time, more like 90% of the time. I still manage to force myself to focus at work.

I’m mostly thinking about the things we need to do as we start this process. The location we chose Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet Center in Ventura, Calif. is pretty much handling most of the big details for us. We just need to make some decisions when the time comes. Here are some things we’ve accomplished:

  • Set up wedding website
  • Put down first deposit
  • Pick Save the Date cards
  • Decide on a honeymoon
  • Set up basic registries
  • Create first draft of guest list

We still need to get addresses, print Save the Dates, buy postage and envelopes, complete registries, choose a photographer, reserve a block of hotel rooms, save money for the second deposit and dress…

It’s easy to become overwhelmed but I’m having fun with it, trying not to stress over the little stuff. Kyle is being pretty hands-off (most guys are right?) but he’s still involved in decisions. I just show him our options and he gives the yay or nay. I’m just REALLY REALLY EXCITED!

Also, I’m revving up my Avon business to help cover expenses. Please like my Avon page on Facebook to stay on top of the latest deals! I’ll be hosting another Avon giveaway very soon too!

Did anyone else experience bridal brain? Any wedding planning tips to share with us?



2 Responses to “Bridal Brain”

  1. kjpugs October 26, 2012 at 8:23 pm #

    Congrats on setting the date! It goes by so fast!


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    […] We set our wedding date for next year and I caught a case of bridal brain! […]

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