Recipe: Simple Pozole

20 Oct

Pozole is a Mexican soup that includes hominy and pork garnished with fresh cabbage, radish, lime juice and a splash of hot sauce. This recipe is very simple and is the same thing my mom made during my childhood. This is great to make on a cold day to share with the family. Since this is my mom’s way of cooking the measurements are not precise but it is always made in a large amount. I’m also naming specific brands that we use–we have strong brand loyalty when it comes to our Mexican products! I automatically get Las Palmas and Juanita’s because I recognize those brands as the ones my mom used so I trust them.



1 Can of Las Palmas Red Chile Sauce (size depends on how much soup you plan on making)

1  Can of Juanita’s Mexican Style White Hominy (again, size depends 0n how big of a batch you want)

Cubed Pork Shoulder (amount depends on how much you want)

1 or 2 Cloves of Garlic minced

1/2 Large onion minced

Dash of Salt


Fresh Cabbage chopped

Whole or sliced radish

Lime wedges

Tapatio or other hot sauce


1. Bring a pot of water with dash of salt and Las Palmas to boil. Put enough water to cover the pork, amount is not exact.

2. Add cubed pork, drained hominy, onion and garlic.

3. Simmer for about an hour or until pork is cooked, use a food thermometer.

4. Garnish and serve!

If you have any questions about my wording please leave a comment and I will answer. This recipe is SO simple but tastes good. I feel like the cabbage, lime juice and a few splashes of Tapatio really complete the dish. I know other Mexican moms out there make Pozole in a more “traditional” way but this is our way!


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