Steampunk Halloween Party

15 Oct

This past Saturday we went to a Steampunk Halloween Party that Misty, my old high school friend hosted. In fact she officially dubbed the party her Quarter Century Steampunk Halloween Extravaganza! There was so much attention to detail that went in to the planning of this event–from the details on the mailed invitation to the hand made decor and spookified treats. For those of you not familiar with what Steampunk is, the best way I can describe it is Victorian Era inspired fashion meets steam powered technology. So top hats, bustles, corsets with gears and exposed machinery.

Gears, gadgets and an electric wicked pond–oh my!

I am definitely not the best at arts and crafts or DIY projects–my impatience causes a sloppy end result. I give five stars to Misty’s inventiveness with creating her Steampunk decor–especially since it is a fantasy genre with little to pull from. For creative people a big imagination, some gears and a glue gun can take you far in the world of Steampunk!

One of the many inventive Steampunk party props/decorations. Plus, some great Victorian era style invention sketches. Oh yea, and that’s me in a not-so-Steampunk costume…

Aside from all the wonderful Steampunk decor there were also traditional Halloween touches, like a graveyard on the side yard entrance and cheerful orange pumpkins. Party activities (besides eating and enjoying yummy cocktails) included a skull hunt and pumpkin carving. The skull hunt proved to be challenging and entertaining. Guests discreetly searched for clues throughout the night to find the skull stash for a prize. I won a beautiful Steampunk inspired necklace, Kyle left the party with a skull bottle opener.

What’s a Halloween party without pumpkins? Here they are lined up and pre-gutted (thank you Misty!) waiting for the carving…

My pumpkin is the top left. I originally went for a haunted house stencil but that didn’t work out so I went with the traditional jack o’ lantern. I added star shaped ears to make it slightly different. Take a look at the “I Quit” pumpkin…tough break!

Did I mention the tasty Halloween treats yet? I think this is my third mention of them now because seriously–these treats were GOOD! Some were too cute to eat, like the graveyard cake and top hat marshmallow pops! I especially enjoyed the sugar rimmed cocktail cups and the bubbly caramel apple cocktail to match–YUM! This is just a very small sampling of the treats and beverages:

Plenty of treats at this Halloween party!

And a few more pictures of us having fun at the Steampunk Extravaganza:

This is what happens when you dress as a Pink Lady to a Steampunk party…Kidding! There was also an egg & bacon costumed couple amongst us! πŸ™‚

Look at this cute greaser boy I found at the party! Kyle and I went as a T-Bird and Pink Lady. He bravely wore the greaser pomp wig. Such a good guy.

That’s the wonderful hostess Misty with us at the party. Again, thank you Misty for throwing such a spook-tacular party!


One Response to “Steampunk Halloween Party”

  1. kjpugs October 23, 2012 at 5:45 pm #

    This looks like so much fun! I love the theme and everything sounds great… those pumpkins are hilarious, especially the I Quit! I love yours and the skeleton one next to it is killer, too!

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