Bugs of the South

5 Jun

 Lightning Bugs-These delightful critters are amazing! We do not have these in California so they absolutely knocked my socks off! Everyone I talked to had fond childhood memories of capturing them  in jars and watching them glow all night. Kyle said when was a boy he would tear off their wings and decorate his arms with them…not so charming and cruel, right? Anyway, I fulfilled the Southern nostalgic memory and captured a Lightning Bug in a mason jar! It freaked me out at first but managed entrap it long enough to get a good look and admire it in all it’s glowing-flying-glory! Then I kindly set it free to continue lighting up up the Georgia night.

Sweet Kyle posing with our lightning bug catch of the day!

Mud Dauber-I came across this beast one warm Georgia morning when I looked up at the window to enjoy the view. My eyes could not focus on the beautiful lush green trees surrounding the property because the large black winged creature buzzed around the window. I quickly jumped out of bed and begged Kyle to kill it right away! “Grab my sandal, smack it with the chancla!” I said. (Chancla is the Spanish informal way of saying sandal).

I stood outside the bedroom door nervously watching Kyle as he searched around for a weapon to slay this beast with. He chose an empty sport water bottle. He managed to trap it inside and its buzzing instantly became loud and angry. “I think I made it mad,” Kyle said.

“Uh, yea! You trapped it instead of just killing it with one good hit of the chancla!”

Kyle’s uncle came up the steps and I immediately announced the situation, “There is a big black winged bug in the room!”

Kyle managed to screw the lid onto the bottle and brought it over to his uncle who then put his hand on the lid as if he were about to open it—Kyle and I said, “Don’t open it!” All the while Kyle’s teenage girl cousin giggled at my silliness.

Uncle laughed and walked downstairs and out to the front porch. He came back up and said, “Oh that was just a mud dauber. They don’t sting and are usually confused with wasps. Go in and make sure there are no more in there.”

“Oh yea Dad that’s going to make her feel better—she’ll never go to sleep now!” Cousin said.

I immediately looked around the window and floor and did not find any more unwanted guests. Then I opened my laptop and Googled “Mud Dauber”. Click here to find out more.

Paper Wasp-These are big, red, ugly, and angry looking things. Huge. And you can find them everywhere. Buzzing around as casually as a little honey bee. Except they are not cute at all. I saw them in Tennessee, I saw them in Georgia–they are everywhere! I’ve never seen such a thing flying around California. Fortunately I did not experience any direct contact with these horrid looking things! To learn more about them click here.

Mosquito-I’ve definitely seen these little blood suckers before in California–but never in such a large abundance! They must love the humidity because there were several moments where we found ourselves swatting these guys away. They were kind enough to leave me with two itchy souvenirs on my leg!

Palmetto Bug aka Cockroaches-UGH. I saw one, obscured by a bush in bad lighting outside a Georgia bar. Yuck. Huge ugly things. Click here to find out more about this over-sized pest.

That’s my “Bugs of the South” round-up! Next post will be about something MUCH more pleasant–a beautiful Southern Wedding!



2 Responses to “Bugs of the South”

  1. Alyssa Curran (@LyssaCurran) June 5, 2012 at 11:24 pm #

    Haha! Kyle looks so proud in that photo! I love lightning bugs too… they’re magical. And I probably did the whole arm decorating thing too, so I can’t blame him. Just be glad you didn’t see any banana spiders.. yuck.

  2. Kyle Abrahamsen June 6, 2012 at 5:39 pm #

    i never decorated my body with it. thats a little gross. i only used their guts to decorate other things and to make them glow 🙂

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