College Trip Part 2: San Francisco

12 May

I love San Francisco. I only spent a few hours there but I am absolutely head-over-heels in love with the city. I love the ocean air, culture, diversity and that there is a gorgeous view from almost anywhere in the city. After spending a few days in Reno my friends and I decided to take a “slight” detour to San Francisco. We meant to stay for only two hours but it turned into at least a five hour visit.

It was my very first time ever visiting San Francisco and the farthest up north I ever traveled. The temptation to extend our trip by one more day grew strong but we managed to use our will power and do the right thing. School, internships, jobs and relationships brought us to our senses and we made the best of the fastest trip to SF ever! (Well, maybe not ever but still…)

Here is a recap of my quick tour of San Francisco:

We drove into San Francisco and headed straight towards Union Square. I switched from the driver’s seat to the back because I became too distracted to focus on driving! I stuck my arm out the window and shot random pictures with my phone of the city as we drove.

We passed by a small bit of China Town, I regret not taking a picture of what looked like a grand entrance. So I have this picture instead!

Our first official stop in San Francisco: Lomard Street aka “Crooked Street”. We drove it, walked it and photographed it. In this photo: Anazarry, Marcus and myself.

Anazarry takes a lot of pictures so I grew tired of smiling at some points and just made faces. My face also looks silly in picture because I’m not photogenic and don’t practice my Tyra “smize”! Anyway–here is a view of Marcus and I walking down Lombard St and check out the ocean peeping out in the background! A reason why SF captured my heart. Photo Credit: Anazarry Danganan

Our second stop: Danny Tanner’s House! That’s right, this is the real house shown in “Full House”. This is also where we caught up with our other friends on the trip. I was relieved to see other tourists snapping photos in front of the house. In this photo: Marissa, Princess, Marcus, Emma, myself and Anazarry.

We then drove all around San Francisco trying to figure out where to eat lunch. Our destination: Chowder’s on Pier 39/Fisherman’s Wharf. I thoroughly enjoyed a piping hot clam chowder sourdough bread bowl! Isn’t that THE thing to eat when you go to SF?

Anazarry, Marcus and I caught a ride on one of those bike-carriage things up the street to the Ghirardelli chocolate factory. It is a chocolate lover’s paradise! Photo credit: Anazarry Danganan

Ghirardelli Square where lots of little shops are located. Like this one cute Tea Room that caught Anazarry’s attention. We both made sure to stop by the pet boutique because we are both doggy mommas. Photo credit: Anazarry Danganan

Mmmm…chocolate! At a Ghirardelli shop/restaurant.

After we visited Ghirardelli’s we walked back to the car by Pier 39 and took in the sights. At that point we felt exhausted from the driving and exploring. We still needed drive all the way back to Northridge (Los Angeles)! I really want to go back to San Francisco and stay for a few days to really take my time and appreciate all the culture, diversity, art and activity happening in the city.  I found myself dreaming about moving to San Francisco…picturing myself waking up to this gorgeous city and walking a Golden Retriever on those hilly streets. Taking the trolly to work and being so fit from all the up and down hills!

There is lots of culture, diversity, art, ocean air and activity in the Los Angeles and Ventura County areas but I feel like there is a whole different vibe going on up there in SF–and I want to be part of it! What is your dream city or location to live in?



4 Responses to “College Trip Part 2: San Francisco”

  1. My Travel Affairs (@MyTravelAffairs) June 29, 2012 at 4:32 am #

    Love this city, during my West Coast trip back in 2010 we stayed there 14 days instead of 4 planned 🙂 It was a superb time every single day!

    • moniqueis July 12, 2012 at 8:29 pm #

      I definitely plan on going back!


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