The Beach

26 Apr

Sometimes, I miss living right next to the beach. When I felt a big wave of anxiety take over or had a bad day at work going to the beach became the perfect remedy. I would strap on my running shoes and take a jog or walk. When my sister got her pug I would take him for a walk on the beach. The salty air and the waves and the sun setting made me feel a little better.

Waves crash under the Ventura Pier. Photo taken by Me!

I feel like my life is moving me farther and farther away from “home” except I’m not really sure where “home” is anymore. I guess I’ll just draw a big red circle around Ventura County! My life takes me closer to Los Angeles and I’ve been fighting it, constantly turning my nose up to the San Fernando Valley. It suffocates me…but I guess it’s not that bad.

Beach at Ventura Pier. You can see one of the Channel Islands in the distance.

Waking up on the beach feels amazing. The crisp salt air and the crashing waves gently wake you. It’s like you are at the beginning of the world.

Ending your day at the beach feels like all the bad feelings sink under the horizon with the sun and the ocean gulps them away.

Starting a bonfire on the beach and tossing back a few with friends is like being in a movie. Someone’s playing the guitar and this girl is flirting with that guy. Everyone is buzzing and smiling. We all trudge through the sand dunes heading back to our cars when the fun is over.



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