College Trip Part 1: Reno

26 Apr

Last month I took my last “college trip”. Two of my friends and I hit the road and made the nine hour drive from Los Angeles to Reno for a Public Relations conference . I won’t bore you with the details about what happened at the conference although it was a great opportunity for us as students and PR pro hopefuls.

The trip became more than a conference visit–it was about bonding and creating memories. Twenty plus hours in the car plus three days of activities and sharing a hotel room with the same two people makes for lots of boredom induced humor and long “deep” talks!

My favorite part about traveling is experiencing “firsts”.  Like…

Driving through natural snow falling from the sky for the first time! That’s my friend Marcus driving my Honda. Photo Credit: Anazarry Danganan

Almost there…but not quite! Photo Credit: Anazarry Danganan

Another first, telling my friend Anazarry about the Donner Party and passing by the Donner Summit. She grew up in another state and never heard the Donner Party story before! Doesn’t this look ominous?  Photo by Me.

I saw spotted pugs for the first time! I am obsessed with this dog breed and was amazed by their coats. I insisted on stopping and showing them some love. Photo Credit: Anazarry Danganan

My first time visiting University of Nevada, Reno. The buildings on this campus are incredible. They sell Clinique at their on-campus student store! Not going to lie–that blew my mind! In this photo my friend Emma, myself and Marcus. Photo Credit: Anazarry Danganan

First time taking a moment to look out the window of my room at the Silver Legacy Hotel. Staring down at the rooftops, cars and people just observing life. Photo Credit: Anazarry Danganan

First time sharing a large, fruity, flaming ridiculous alcoholic beverage with Anazarry and Marcus at a bar at the Silver Legacy Hotel. Photo Credit: Anazarry Danganan

First time hanging out with these bad-ass b’s in Reno! My girls from CSUN grabbing a few drinks at a bar in the Silver Legacy Hotel. Pictured: Anazarry, Marissa, Myself, Princess and Emma. Photo by Marcus Moreno.

The cold mountain air chilled my bones and the smoky casinos and bars at the Silver Legacy Hotel irritated my nose and eyes. The city is full of old run-down motels and the best thing about it is the university. I came away from the conference feeling more well-informed and came away from the trip feeling closer to my friends. However, I would never go back to Reno again–especially when Las Vegas is much closer to Los Angeles! If there were another conference or special event I would go again but I would not go for leisure. It is the honest truth and my personal opinion. Needless to say, we MADE it fun for ourselves. I believe you can make any situation better with the right attitude and we certainly did just that!

Next post will be Part 2 of this college trip, we took a slight detour to….SAN FRANCISCO! Many more “firsts” for me!



2 Responses to “College Trip Part 1: Reno”

  1. renowriter May 3, 2012 at 3:58 pm #

    Glad you liked the campus. As a current student there, it is a great school and really is a world in and of itself within Reno. Believe it or not, tucked in an around those motels and out of the cigarette smoke, our little city has a burgeoning foodie and art culture. What I’m trying to say is, if you ever wish to give Reno another shot, there are some of us who would love to show you the real Reno.


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    […] memorable road trip with some fellow PRSSA members, look back at my visit to Reno and San Francisco here and here. I also won a PRSSA scholarship that helped cover tuition for my last […]

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