Hiking La Jolla Trail

21 Mar

A few weeks ago I went hiking with my sister Jessica and fiance Kyle at the Malibu La Jolla Hiking Trail. Activities like this remind me of how lucky I am to live is such a beautiful part of the world. Ocean air, mountains, wild flowers, blue birds and the occasional dolphin sighting make this area amazing! This is a long hike, the trail is 6 miles long and took us three hours total to complete. We walked at a leisurely pace and stopped for photos along the way. There is poison oak throughout so you need to be on the look out. We passed a waterfall area that ran dry–I’m sure in rainier times the waterfall comes to life.

Afterward we caught a meal and beer at the famous Neptune’s Net in Malibu. The restaurant is just a few minutes down the Pacific Coast Highway from the trail. I enjoyed fish and chips, Kyle tried the clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl and Jessica ate a pulled pork sandwich. The fish came beer battered, thick and juicy–I thoroughly enjoyed the dish. Jessica thought her pulled pork sandwich tasted alright, no complaints. Kyle loved the sourdough bread and said the clam chowder tasted good.

On our way back home we spotted dolphins playing in the Pacific! Did I ever mention how much I LOVE California? Anyone else know of good trails in California? Or any other state?


You can see the ocean beyond the mountain


The trail leads to a gorgeous flat grassy meadow


Kyle and I posed for a picture along the trail. Jessica did too but I don’t think she wants her picture posted here!


California vegetation and mountain side



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