Taste Test

26 Aug

Ever wonder what a blade of grass might taste like? What about how a kibble of dog food might taste like? I was told that a blade of grass tastes like lettuce and that a kibble of dog food tastes like a peanut. I got a reality check on that when I tried these delicacies myself.

Marina, good ol’ Marina. We were so gullible and trusted her so much. We believed her. She told us that grass and dog food were ok to eat. “Go ahead try it!” she said. We stood on the green tiled floors in the garage near the bag of dog food that was kept next to the white washer and dryer, holding a kibble in our small hands, eyes wide but trusting her confidence.

Crunch. Chew. Spit. YUCK.

“It doesn’t taste like a peanut!” We shouted while spitting out bits of dog food. Betrayal! We forgave her easily. The next taste test came later.

“You can eat grass. It tastes just like lettuce, here try it! I’ll even rinse it for you,” Marina said. We were somewhat skeptical, yet still so trusting. It was a nice sunny day. We stood by the lawn next to where the purple flower bee plant grew.

Bite. Chew. Spit. ICK.

The grass is itchy against my tongue and bitter when I bite down on it. “This doesn’t taste like lettuce!” We shouted while spitting out the bite of grass.


Fast forward to our twenties: “Drink this shot…”  >:]


2 Responses to “Taste Test”

  1. Rosey Armstrong September 21, 2011 at 2:23 pm #

    Yes, I have tasted a blade of grass. Tastes ok, but not my favorite food. As for dog kibble, not yet. The smell doesn’t impress me. However, my youngest used to eat dog biscuits (her older siblings used to feed them to her) and cat kibble. Guess she grew up ok.

  2. Mama September 22, 2011 at 12:58 am #

    That’s what big sisters are for she always had you two girls doing off the wall things like jumping off the roof. Love you Auntie Monique

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