5 Jun

There are many reasons why parents should not leave their children home alone. One reason is that they might try to make cookies out of random ingredients.

On one of the days we were all left home alone we got the idea in our heads that we wanted to make home made cookies from scratch. Without a recipe. Marina was in charge, as always, so I’m going to say she was the mastermind of this whole baking experiment. She must have been somewhere around 10 to 12 years old.

She was able to reach up into the high shelves and take out the neccesary ingredients. We had no idea what we were doing so we improvised. Sometimes it’s good to improvise, however, when you are a kid with zero baking abilities, it is not such a good idea to improvise. Our cookies included a variety of mix-ins like: flour, sugar, vanilla, water, milk, a couple eggs, baking powder, baking soda (for good measure), brown sugar, chocolate flavored Slim Fast powder, few drops of food coloring, and I believe a bit of peanut butter. There may have been more ingredients, maybe my sisters will leave a comment with what they remember.

There wasn’t a whole lot of measuring going on. Just adding things to the bowl. Marina was at the helm, operating the oven and doing the mixing as Jessica and I stood by with ideas on what ingredients should go in. The cookies were done just in time for when our mom got home! They came out as a magnificent shade of orange. We didn’t have a chance to taste them (I don’t think) because they were literally done as our mom stepped through the door.

“Look mama! We made cookies!”, we said excitedly as she made her way to the dining room.

“Oh? Oooh… what’s in them…?”, she said as she gingerly picked up an orange colored treat.

“We put Slim Fast so it will taste like chocolate!”, we said beaming with pride.

“How about, we get rid of these and next time we go to the store we buy real ingredients to make cookies?”, she said putting down our baking skills as gently as she could.

I remember her seeming mostly amused and not at all mad or upset. Just pure amusement at what our three imaginations had created while she was away at work.

So this is one reason not to leave kids home alone. I have more stories on this subject, coming soon!


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